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General questions

Q. What is Scorecerer?
A. Scorecerer is an application designed to streamline the management of sheetmusic. It faciliates importation of your sheet music from scanned images and makes them available on demand on various devices including the Apple iPad, the Amazon Kindle DX, and the Freehand Systems MusicPad Pro.

Q. Can I view my sheet music directly on my laptop or on other tablet PCs?
A. Yes, Scorecerer comes with a Player application that can display your music. The Scorecerer Player can also respond to external MIDI commands to change pages

Q. On what platforms does Scorecerer run?
A. The desktop application, used for importation, cleanup and publishing, runs on Apple OS X and Microsoft Windows. Scores can be published to the Amazon Kindle or MusicPad Pro and viewed directly on those devices. A viewer is also available for the Apple iPad. This can be downloaded from Apple's App Store.

If you have iOS 10 or later installed on your iPad and see a gray bar covering the menu buttons please do one of the two things:
  1. If you are not using Bluetooth pedal to turn your pages - switch off bluetooth support in Scorecerer preferences
  2. You can also go to "Settings->General->Keyboard" on your iPad and turn off "Shortcuts" option

If you are having trouble syncing with your iPad, please make sure that
  1. You have iTunes installed OR you have installed the Bonjour service. (Windows users)
    We have heard that completely uninstalling iTunes and then reinstalling it fixes the problem for most users.
  2. Your iPad and your desktop computer are connected to the SAME network!
  3. You have not disabled Bonjour (Windows users)
  4. Your firewall is not blocking Scorecerer (Windows users)
  5. Your iPad has a strong wifi signal from your wifi router, i.e, you are not too far away from your wifi router
help2 Scorecerer Documentation (Desktop/iPad)



lightbulb_on Scorecerer is no longer for sale and is no longer supported.