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MIDI Page Control

To use MIDI control with Scorecerer, you will need to connect Scorecerer to your computer or MIDI hardware. If you are connecting directly to MIDI hardware, you will need to use a CORE compliant MIDI interface. If you are connecting over Wifi to a Mac, you will need to use the Audio MIDI Setup application to connect them. Many companies with iPad MIDI applications have already written wonderful tutorials for how to do this. See for example this tutorial from Apple. If you are running Windows, then you will need to install the rtpMIDI driver on your Windows machine. See this tutorial for more information.

Scorecerer Preferences

To configure Scorecerer iPad for page turning via MIDI, open Scorecerer Preferences and touch the MIDI Page Control button.

Scorecerer iPad can be configured to change pages upon receipt of Control Change messages or Note On messages. This feature allows you to use pedals, buttons or notes on your MIDI controller as well as previously stored events in your DAW to move to the next page, previous page or first page of your song. Please refer to your MIDI device or DAW documentation to see how to configure your system to configure the desired values. If your song has explicitly defined page ordering, then these commands will respect that page ordering.

  • If you use Notes, then the first field to the right of the Note/CC button is used to define the desired note number. The second field is ignored.
  • If you use CC values, then the first and second fields are used to define the CC number and value that are to be used.

You can use the Capture switch to let Scorecerer iPad learn what note or CC event it should use for each of the three functions.

  • Turn the Capture switch on
  • Touch one of the numeric fields beside the function (first, next, prev) that you want to control
  • Press a note on your keyboard or generate the desired CC event
  • The fields for the event will be updated to reflect the received MIDI event
  • Repeat this for each function
  • Turn Capture switch off when you're done.

Direct Page Access

If you are using a DAW (Logic Pro, Cubase, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, ProTools, etc) or otherwise have the ability to send pitchbend messages, Scorecerer can interpret those pitchbend messages as page numbers within a song. Tap on Direct Page Access to enable this feature. Receive MIDI Program Changes must also be enabled.

The value you actually insert in your DAW depends on how your DAW represents pitchbend messages. Most DAWs represent the center (i.e, no pitchbend) as zero and then bending up or down involves sending values greater than or less than zero respectively. If your DAW uses this mode, then a pitchbend message of 1 corresponds to page 1.

However, if your DAW uses absolute values for pitchbends, then pitchbend values go from 0 to 16384 where the value 8192 (half way) represents a zero pitch bend value. In this situation, you would need to send a pitchbend message of 8193 to cause Scorecerer to go to page 1, 8194 to go to page 2 and so on. Please refer to the manual for your DAW to determine how pitchbend messages are represented.

If you have iOS 10 or later installed on your iPad and see a gray bar covering the menu buttons please do one of the two things:
  1. If you are not using Bluetooth pedal to turn your pages - switch off bluetooth support in Scorecerer preferences
  2. You can also go to "Settings->General->Keyboard" on your iPad and turn off "Shortcuts" option

If you are having trouble syncing with your iPad, please make sure that
  1. You have iTunes installed OR you have installed the Bonjour service. (Windows users)
    We have heard that completely uninstalling iTunes and then reinstalling it fixes the problem for most users.
  2. Your iPad and your desktop computer are connected to the SAME network!
  3. You have not disabled Bonjour (Windows users)
  4. Your firewall is not blocking Scorecerer (Windows users)
  5. Your iPad has a strong wifi signal from your wifi router, i.e, you are not too far away from your wifi router
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