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Backing up annotation files

Unfortunately, at this time, Scorecerer does not have built in support for backing up annotations created on your iPad. However, if you perform a full backup of your iPad back to iTunes on your desktop, your annotations will be backed up as well. An important benefit of this procedure is that if you get another iPad you will be able to restore from the backup to your new iPad and your annotations will show up there.

Alternatively, there is an extremely nice freeware application that can be used to copy your annotation files from your iPad to your computer and from there back to a new iPad. Here are the steps to follow. Please understand that you are using this application at your own risk and we cannot be responsible for any consequences should you run into any problems. This process is not something that we can officially support. Before you start, make sure that you have synchronized your existing songs from Scorecerer Desktop into your new iPad.

  1. Download and install the appropriate version of iExplorer (for your Mac or PC) from
  2. Connect your iPad to your computer via USB (wifi connections do not seem to work well)
  3. Run iExplorer
  4. You should see a window that looks something like the following:

  5. Click on the triangle to the left of "Apps" and find Scorecerer. Click the triangle to the left of "Scorecerer" to open it. Then click on the triangle to the left of "Documents" to open that folder.

  6. The annotation files have the File Type(second column) ANN. Simply click-drag these annotation files into a folder on your computer to copy them. Do not change any of the names of these files.
  7. When you're done, close iExplorer and disconnect your old iPad. Then plug in your new iPad and run iExplorer again. Following steps 4 & 5 above, navigate to the same Documents subfolder.
  8. Now simply drag the files you previously copied to your computer into this Documents folder to copy them back.
At this point, your annotations should now be visible on your new iPad.
If you have iOS 10 or later installed on your iPad and see a gray bar covering the menu buttons please do one of the two things:
  1. If you are not using Bluetooth pedal to turn your pages - switch off bluetooth support in Scorecerer preferences
  2. You can also go to "Settings->General->Keyboard" on your iPad and turn off "Shortcuts" option

If you are having trouble syncing with your iPad, please make sure that
  1. You have iTunes installed OR you have installed the Bonjour service. (Windows users)
    We have heard that completely uninstalling iTunes and then reinstalling it fixes the problem for most users.
  2. Your iPad and your desktop computer are connected to the SAME network!
  3. You have not disabled Bonjour (Windows users)
  4. Your firewall is not blocking Scorecerer (Windows users)
  5. Your iPad has a strong wifi signal from your wifi router, i.e, you are not too far away from your wifi router
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