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AirTurn and Scorcerer under iOS 7

We have tested the AirTurn BT 105 with iOS 7.0.4 and Scorecerer 7.08 on an iPad Mini with expected results.

If your AirTurn is not working, first make sure that it is connected to your iPad properly with BlueTooth.

A good way to test that the AirTurn is connected and configured properly is to open the iPad Notes app and fill it with some text on multiple lines. Then connect the AirTurn and as you press the pedals, the cursor in Notes should move (either up/down or left/right, depending on how your AirTurn is configured).

Once that works, then Scorecerer should work too (as long as BlueTooth is enabled in Scorecerer preferences).

If the cursor does not move in Notes, then you have a configuration problem with your AirTurn that has nothing to do with Scorecerer.

If you have iOS 10 or later installed on your iPad and see a gray bar covering the menu buttons please do one of the two things:
  1. If you are not using Bluetooth pedal to turn your pages - switch off bluetooth support in Scorecerer preferences
  2. You can also go to "Settings->General->Keyboard" on your iPad and turn off "Shortcuts" option

If you are having trouble syncing with your iPad, please make sure that
  1. You have iTunes installed OR you have installed the Bonjour service. (Windows users)
    We have heard that completely uninstalling iTunes and then reinstalling it fixes the problem for most users.
  2. Your iPad and your desktop computer are connected to the SAME network!
  3. You have not disabled Bonjour (Windows users)
  4. Your firewall is not blocking Scorecerer (Windows users)
  5. Your iPad has a strong wifi signal from your wifi router, i.e, you are not too far away from your wifi router
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