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Scorecerer Desktop Pro

Scorecerer Desktop Pro adds extra functionality for people who want to publish their sheetmusic to systems other than the iPad.

It includes all the features of the Scorecerer Desktop (iPad Edition) and adds the following extra features:

  • Batch import to import all PDF or Freehand Systems files in a folder in one step
  • Publish an imported song (including a PDF file) as a set of images in a folder
  • Publish an imported song as a standalone PDF file
  • Publish to the Amazon Kindle DX
  • Publish as a PDF suitably formatted for import to the Freehand Systems MusicPad Pro

Scorecerer Desktop Pro (for Windows and Intel Macintosh computers) can be purchased here.


Download Scorecerer Desktop Pro (14-day Trial Version)

See Scorecerer in action - watch the introduction videos now!