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scorecerer48Scorecerer iPad - your sheet music on your iPad

Transfer your entire sheet music collection to your iPad and use it for practice and performance.


  • Extremely fast page turning*
  • Rapidly add handwritten annotations and highlights
  • Rearrange and repeat pages (for verse repeats, DS al Coda, etc) using virtual page ordering
  • Organize your songs into set lists
  • Uses MIDI to change the sounds on your external synthesizer or DAW
  • Load your songs and change pages from your MIDI keyboard
  • Quickly import your existing sheet music (JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PDF, FH, etc)
*So fast we actually had to add a special indicator so you know the page really changed!

Scorecerer iPad is available only on the Apple iTunes Store.

Scorecerer iPad's focus is on presentation and management of your sheet music while you are practicing or performing.


Open a song and a clean, uncluttered user interface shows you your sheet music. The screen area is maximized so that you don't waste any screen real estate on unnecessary information or controls. Songs can be opened directly or remotely using MIDI messages.

To flip the pages back and forth - simply tap on the left or right hand side of your screen respectively.
An unobtrusive bar will display your current position at the top of the screen and disappear quickly to minimize distractions. Alternatively, just send MIDI commands from your keyboard or DAW to change the page.

Playlist support.
You can mix and match your songs into separate playlists.

MIDI Remote control.
Use a pedal or buttons on your MIDI keyboard to change pages. Load different songs by sending MIDI program change messages.

Annotation support.
You can easily handwrite annotations or highlights on to any page of a song. Extremely convenient and fast when you're actually at a practice or performance with others.

Sync your songs to your iPad using WiFi.
The Scorecerer Desktop (iPad Edition), a free download for Mac and Windows, will optimize the images for your iPad and automatically transfer the songs over.

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